Meeting #11 BS 2008-09

The last Club Meeting took place in Basel, at the Swiss Conference Center EuroAirport. 

Anfahrtsplan / Arrival Map (for cars / mit dem Auto / pour les voitures)
Bus online Fahrplan / Trip planer Bus from Basel, SBB to Basel, Frachthalle (18 min.)


08:30 Empfang / Accueil

09:15 MOSS @ HP: Von der Migration zu täglichen Arbeit
by Roberto Ceriani und Hubert Kaufmann, Lead Solutions

HP presents their SharePoint MOSS deployment. NB: over 150’000 users (80’000 congruent) and new, since Merge with EDS over 300’000 employees (environment should be highly scalable). Self Service Management enabled (TeamSites on Demand). Out of the box implementation (stability, costs, faster, …). Deployment plan & scenarios. Experience. Migration with no user impact. Archiving planed but not implemented yet. Internal Collaboration Tools, Enhanced Collaboration with different LifeCycle Models and Quotas.  Talk about Policies, Quotas, SLA’s and ILM (Information Lifecycle Management). Trainings are free. Questions about Usage (Collaboration, Extranet), Performance, Metadata, Training, Search, … Interesting “My Spaces” page, listing all allowed Sites to a specific user. Demo about Collaboration @ HP. Presentation here: 2008-09-moss-at-hp.

10:00 Pause

10:30 MOSS @ SWISS: Crewlink Portal für fliegendes Personal
by Ueli Schwarz, Head of General Development. Presentation SharePoint at Swiss. 

For Internet ( and Intranet. Several needs and business cases. Explaning Crewlink, Portal for flying Employees. About Notifications, Portal Components. Very slim, nice layout, good overview, clear Information Structure. Main Topics : News, Fast Links, Cabin, Workplace, Organisation, Community. Teams, eRooms not implemented yet. Swiss did the Web first, Intranet/Portal now, Collaboration later. Presentation here: 2008-09-moss-swiss.

11:15 SHAREPOINT ACCELERATION for a Virtualized World
by Jean-Paul Monnin, Certeon (USA). 

Presentation of aCelera = Software for Acceleration. Flexible, scalable, manageable (uses VMware). Virtual appliance, no client, no server, not a proxy cache. NB: Exists also as a Open Physical Appliance. JPM about deployment and mechanisms behind Accelera. A lot of intelligence in it, highly interesting. Demo, 2 scenarii. Presentation here: 2008-09-certeon-acelera.


Laurent presents the main evolutions for the coming 3 years: 4 events a year from 2009, a new organization (President = Ueli Schwarz, Vice President = Michael Weiss & 4 Regional Leads for the Event Organization, Information Sharing with the SharePoint Clubs France & Germany, Support from Microsoft and more… The whole agenda and key news here: 2008-09-agenda-club-meeting-11.

12:15 Lunch together

A special Thank to Swiss for the Meeting Organization, Certeon and HP for Sponsoring the Event the Lunch!


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